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Healthcare is expensive, and this is why many people are mandated to sign up for health insurance to ease their troubles. In times past, health insurance used to be available to only those who had a corporate job, but following the signing into law of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), entrepreneurs and freelancers do not feel compelled to have a corporate job because of health care coverage. As a result, there has been a rise in the self-employed population comprising of freelancers and entrepreneurs because they now have health plans available to them.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers have and enjoy the ability to work independently while being in charge of their daily activities. However, purchasing a comprehensive health insurance plan as demanded by the Affordable Care Act is not easy because they are expensive. Since the Affordable Care Act is now in full implementation, it still requires that everyone owns a health insurance coverage, or pay a fine. Most freelancers and entrepreneurs chose the option of paying fines because the fines are lower compared to what an average health insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, the move to settle for fines might seem like the only viable option now, but healthcare insurance should not be sidelined due to financial constraints or any other reason as there is no substitute for good health. Instead, entrepreneurs and freelancers should look for ways they can get the healthcare plan they want without necessarily having to empty their pockets.

Yes, it is possible only that we do not look in the right places most times.

Freelancers and entrepreneurs should focus on the following options:

  1. THE HEALTHCARE MARKET – since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, national and state health markets have had to reduce their medical and health insurance rates especially for entrepreneurs, freelancers and their families. In essence, there is competition amongst healthcare providers, and this competition is going to make their offers cheaper and with less stringent conditions attached. As an entrepreneur and freelancer, the ample time to assess and finally select a health plan should not be a problem.


  1. BROKERS AND INSURANCE AGENTS – as an entrepreneur and freelancer, you should flock around brokers and insurance agents. Apart from the general offers put out by some of these insurance firms, it is equally possible to have customized insurance solutions although the policies and restrictions may be stricter.


  1. PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS – although there have been some failed attempts by organizations to provide this in the past because of the high cost, it is still a viable option especially since most persons in these organizations have the same problem to solve. In fact, several solutions will be presented, and each person will have to settle for the one that suits them. Alumni associations, business groups, etc., can even attract insurance companies to provide them with tailor-made solutions and plans for their members.


  1. SPOUSE AND PARENTS HEALTH PLAN – The Affordable Care Act is not particular about which health plan covers you. In light of this, you can team up with your spouse if they have a health coverage or with your parents. If you are considering this, you should bear in mind that your spouse or parents could have to endure some brunt, so be sure to discuss this option thoroughly with them.


  1. YOUR DAY JOB – having a day job does not necessarily mean you cannot develop your startup alongside as an entrepreneurs or freelancer. Of course, you need enough time to create and build your ideas; however, this might just be the most significant sacrifice you have to make. Meeting the demands of healthcare plans with a day job only makes you responsible for about half of what is required. This option, however, requires a great deal of sacrifice and commitment.


The options are endless and the ones you will settle for depends mainly on what you want for yourself as a freelancer and an entrepreneur. Health cannot be substituted for anything, not even money. This article advises freelancers and entrepreneurs to make the most of the healthcare opportunities available to them.



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