Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

How to play golf -Tips for Beginners

Golf is related to something elite class sports. This game is played by older men in eclectic colors. This sport is becoming something more popular and more accessible game among men. Everyone has different reasons to learn this. No matter, whatever your goal is, golf is indeed the extreme sport there.

Are you a beginner for this game? No worries, you don’t have to bog down to the guide of golf for beginners because I am going to hook you with some simple beginner tips in this article. The simple tips mention in this article may help you with learning this sports game.

Working on grip:

Tight grip on your gaming skills is necessary to perform best in sports. In golf, hands are the only body that comes in the contract with the club. So it is crucial to have the right grip. For beginners, it is necessary that they will take some lessons from someone who is an expert in this game. The grips are also divided into the category of three.

  • The first one is interlocking
  • The Vardon
  • And the last one is the Baseball

One’s may take months to learn a proper grip. So it is important to learn the techniques without hitting balls. You can decide your grip with your coach. For better gripping, practice gripping the club when you are watching television.

Take & learn lessons:

Some people are so stubborn and refuse to take any instruction and help. It is preferable to try and make it in your own way. You can even use a good golf guide for learning the basics. You can also seek help from a Golf Pro who will take you back to the basics.

Use second-hand balls:

The balls use in this elite sports game is also very expensive that a person with a reasonable range of budget cannot afford it. If your game is too shocking, to begin with, there are lots of chances that you are losing your balls at a high rate. Many retailers in the market are offering golf balls fished out of the ponds of different courses. These balls are available at a fraction of the prices. The cheapest option to buy this ball is that you can get these balls from the people who already use them.

Preparation for the round:

One round of golf might take four hours to complete. It’s all depending upon the schedule of the participants. Just make sure that you are having every possible thing about your need. The things that you might need in the playing field are water bottles, some snack, an umbrella, remember to take one pen with you for making your scorecard and plenty of golf balls.

Driving range:

Driving ranges are the best place to get more instructions and advice. The driving range is the place where you don’t have to worry about your balls after striking them. On initial stages, you might take some instructions from the professionals.

In the end, smashing hard some golf balls is the best way to let go of stress.    

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