Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

How AI is Affecting the Art Industry

Artificial intelligence is having an undeniable impact on a plethora of industries from health care to cybersecurity to construction. But one, less discussed industry that is also being greatly affected by machines and their capabilities is that of the visual arts. Just last October, auction house Christie’s sold an AI-generated painting for the first time ever. That painting, expected to sell for close to $10,000, sold for a staggering $432,500, highlighting the growing interest in both the artists and collector’s market.

Artificial intelligence is penetrating various sectors of the arts: culinary arts, fine art, music, choreography, and literature. And as artists find more and more ways to collaborate with machines, a host of questions comes to the surface. “Who owns the art?” “Will machines be able to think as creatively as humans?” Invaluable created interesting visuals that explores how AI is changing the art industry, highlighting the mixed views of creatives, critics, and collectors alike.

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how a machine learns to write animation

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how AI is affecting the art industry

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