Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

Delicious Meals in Greece

You have no idea how delicious Greek food is. Greece is the home of some finest
ingredients found in the world. The traditional meal of Greece is one of the
best foods you must try. Greek cuisines are a mixture of Eastern and Western
Culture. Most of the dishes are made up of fresh vegetables, fruits, chicken,
nuts, and fish. In their meals, meat is treated as less popular except for
lambs. All the flavors of Greek food change with the season and geographical

I am going to share some tasty and mouthwatering meals from Greece that you
don’t want to miss. 

Grilled meat:   

People in Greek are the master of spit-roasted and charcoal-grill meat. Gyros are the famous fast food of Greece served on pitta bread with chunks of tomatoes and chopped onion. Gyros also contain lashings of tzatziki. In different areas, grill kid goat is also one of the favorite meals.


This dish is some kind of sweet pie. Bougatsa is made up with semolina custard and phyllo pastry. This is a morsel of food that is delicious at day times, tastes good at late nights and delightful in creating pleasant memories. When you eat this pie from the roadside, you will also get the sprinkle of cinnamon powder and ice-sugar on top.


This is the most popular dessert in Greece made with one of the special pastry called Kataifi. This is rolled up with pastry resembles with shuddered wheat. The thread-like strands of pastry cover the delectable center of nuts baked and soaked in sweet sugar syrup.   

 Courgette balls:

Try this tempting starter that comes sometime in the patty form and sometimes in light fry balls. This fritter is made with grated or pure Courgette with top-secret spice combinations. With a unique blend of dill and mint, this is something you just can’t miss.


It is a creamy and juicy legendary and traditional dish. Moussaka is served in almost all of the tavernas of Greece.  In this dish, minced beef is cooked with classic tomato sauce that is subsequently layered with crème béchamel sauce and sweet eggplants. Greek homemakers prepare this dish in big family gatherings

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