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Clash Royale Review

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Clash Royale is a fermium mobile tower rush video game by the Supercell. The game was released in 2016, and it was one of the trending games in both 2016 and 2017. The Supercell has a history of developing such trending games, and super hit games by the Supercell are Boom Beach and Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale is a successful game and one of the reasons why it is successful that it has all the component of a good game. The graphics of the game are top notch, each character is well designed, and overall environment of the game is also perfect.

Clash Royale have the card system in which there is a total of 57 cards in the game so Far. These cards have the troops, Support, and Spells. Clash Royale also inherit some famous characters like the Hog Rider, Baby Dragon, Giant and Pekka from the Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is also bringing new Cards in the game each month. Cards are also divided into a subcategory. Categories are Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Legendary troops are harder to get, but if you are playing the game for the longest time, you will be able to get some legendary cards from the chests, or you can wait to get to the Legendary Arena for getting the Legendary Troops.

The Currency of the game is the Gold and Gems. Gems and Gold both can be earned from the chests by winning the battles. Each battle gives you some gold and Chest. There is a variety of chests in the game; Chests are Silver Chests, Golden Chests, Giant Chests, Epic Chests, Super Magical Chests and Legendary Chests. Usually, chests take 3-24 hours to unlock depending on the rarity of the chest. Silver chests take 3 hours to unlock while legendary chests take 24 hours to unlock.

Clash Royale is a well-designed game, and you will find plenty of things to do in the game. The game has the trophies based system in which you earn the trophies by participating in the single-player battles. The number of trophies determines your Arena, and with each arena, you unlock the new cards.

Single Player battles are one-on-one battles in which two players try to take out the towers. Each player has the 3 towers, the middle tower is the King’s tower, and the other two towers are princess towers. The player gets the one crown for destroying the tower. The player with the max crowns wins the match or the person who destroy the king’s tower first win the match. To participate in the match, you need the deck; you can only take the 8 Cards in the battle.

The Game also features the Team Battles. Team battles are much popular because losing the battles doesn’t cost you the trophies and winning the battles earn you the Golden Chests. You can earn the Golden Chests by getting the ten crowns in the Team Battles.

Apart from the regular Battles, Clash Royale also regularly bring the new Tournaments in the game. The players usually get into the tournament by using their gems and winning the tournament earn them the reward.

The game also has the several Game modes. The games modes are the different iteration of the same game mechanics. The Mirror Challenge mode gives the same deck to both players and players battle with each other using the same troops which make the game more exciting. In Touchdown mode, the towers are replaced by the End Zone line for both teams, and players have to stop the opponents’ troops from crossing the end zone line. Similarly, the game features the other game modes.

Clash Royale also inherit the Clan System from the clash of clans. In the Clan, you can do the practice sessions with your clan mates. You can also request the clan mates for the specific card, and they help you.

Unlike other top games, the Clash Royale doesn’t force its users to spend the real world money in the game. The overall progress in the game is very smooth, and you don’t find hurdle in the games. The mechanic of the game is all about the strategy and placement of the troops. The Shop section of the game feature some good deals. Clash Royale also bring events which help the players to earn a lot of gold and gems. In the recent week, the clash Royale introduced the Gold Rush event in which players earned up to 5000 gold by winning the single player battles, and next week Clash Royale will bring the Gem Rush event in which players will be able to earn some gems.

Clash Royale also cater the Pro Players, when a player crosses the limit of 4000 Trophies they can participate in the League. Clash Royale have the 9 different leagues ranging from the Challenger I to Ultimate Champion. At the end of each session, the players with higher ranking earn the gold and gems.

The game also features the Daily Quests. In Daily Quests, players get the tasks, and on completion of tasks they get the rewards.


Clash Royale is an Amazing game, and overall the graphics of the game look very pleasant to the eyes. The game has all the features of a good game, and you won’t get bored from it easily.  So, if you are looking for an excellent mobile game, we recommend the Clash Royale.

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