Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Buying and Selling of Websites on Flippa

There are various ways to make money online. One of the best ways is buying and selling of domains, websites, and hosts. Many platforms are offering different opportunities to buy and sell different websites. People were making money from the buying and selling of websites when the first TLD’s was offered for sale in the 1980s. One of the best and leading places from where you can buy and sell any website is Flippa. Here I have gathered some important points for all of you to follow and make money on Flippa.

Flippa and online money making:

Flippa is the best forum that connects millions of website sellers and buyers with each other and gathers them at one point. Flippa is also the point where one can buy or sell domains, apps, and hosts. The transactions perform at this platform are all secure and guarded with strict policies. These all points provide the opportunity to make some massive potential money. Buying and selling have become the coolest and a common way of earning.

Before making money on Flippa, you have to register yourself at this platform. After registering yourself, you will get easy access to your account.

Money Making Methods:

Sell or Build apps or websites:

One can scratch his/her own website or app and offer it for selling on Flippa. This process is not expensive in any way but consume your lots of time. Many people are interested in buying some brand new websites and apps without any profit and paying some handsome money for it. If the theme of your website is mind blowing, you are going to earn lots of benefit from it.

Many people build their website or app and run it for some months. In this way, their website starts to earn some profit and generates income. After this, people sell those working websites or apps at their desire prices.


This is the common way of making money on Flippa. Flipping means the purchase of apps or websites on Flippa and resale them without wasting any time. Almost everyone is doing this as a part or full-time job, and from flipping, they are making some good money. This is the smooth and straightforward method of earning. You can find many working websites, apps and domains on Flippa with very low rates of “buy it now” or “low bids.” You can buy these websites and resell them for bigger money after holding them for a week. In this way, you can grow within a small period and earn a considerable profit.

Selling of blog:

The platform of Flippa is not only for the sale of websites, apps, and domains but also the platform where you can sell your blog. If you are the owner of any blog and barely have time to spend on it, then you can sell your blog easily on this platform. The selling of any blog depends upon its potentials and visitors. You can put your blog for sell in the list of Flippa and find the buyer according to your requirements.

From the above mention methods, anyone can earn some extra money or expand his/her business.  

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