Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

7 Eleven -fill any container with Slurpee’s for weekend

Small Intro:

7 Eleven is a popular Japanese owned American International Series of expediency stores. It’s headquarter is situated in Della’s, Texas. The former name of these stores was Tote’m stores that was renamed in 1964. The parent firm 7-Eleven Japan Co. is operating different Franchises and licenses of 66,579 stores and almost cover the 17 large countries in the world. Headquarters of 7-Eleven Japan is located in Tokyo.

 Products of 7 Eleven:

You are feeling all dizzy and lazy at noon on a Sunday, or you have a terrible headache after the weekend hangover and your presence is not presentable at any public place. Are you looking for a good and comfortable food delivery that delivers your order at your doorsteps?? Well, don’t worry 7 Eleven, your favorite convenient store is coming to save you from terrible situations.

 There is another brilliant idea behind this concept. It is a separate 7-eleven app available that is different from the 7-Eleven app. This amazing new version of the app lets its hungry fans to order on the go if they want a home delivery or want to pick up their order by themselves. Basically, you can order anything with the help of the app that you see in the store. 7-eleven is providing you with a wide range of Slurpees, junk food, hot foods, medical items, makeup, different phone equipment, and alcoholic products. According to Press Release, now you can order anything no matter if it is the junk food or some mobile charger to your doorsteps. $4.99 is the delivery fee which the customer has to pay with the regular cost of the item. The total payable amount will be mention on the app before buying. If you are coming from your workplace or going to catch up with your friends, you need some food or energy drink. No worries place your order on the app and pick up on the registered store.

Parents don’t have to worry about their kids. This app is following strict rules and regulations. It is not easy for kids to place the order of those things that are only for adult use. This app will ask you to provide a picture of your license or passport or scan the back of your ID card before purchasing any alcoholic beverages.

Currently, this app is only working in Dallas, Texas but they are thinking to expand this feature and cover all the branches of these convenient stores in the world.      


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